Latest Concert

Odissi by Joyoti
Venue: Upper Yarra Arts Centre

Date: Saturday 10th April, 2010
Time: 8pm start

    Full - $24
    Concession - $20

Odissi Workshop
Venue: Upper Yarra Arts Centre

Date: Friday 9th April, 2010
Time: 12pm-4pm

    Cost - $30

Nupur Australia is an organisation that promotes young Indian performing art talents residing overseas. Retaining and further developing the rich cultural heritage of Indian Music and Dance to the appreciation of wider multicultural community across the world has always been one of the primary objectives of this organisation.

Culturally, the aim of Nupur is to identify true young talents with potential, and attempt to promote them to wider audiences. Helping such talents to pursue deeper into their respective art forms and achieve higher levels of artistic professionalism is also a goal. Nupur seeks the help and patronage of reputed artists locally and overseas to this effect. Nupur tries to instill a sense of giving and companionship among the young ones, so that they can continue to contribute to the art and community at large in future, wherever they are. This also helps to develop cultural appreciation in the global art community.

Nupur is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The organisation's activities are planned and overviewed by a small dedicated group of respected residents of Melbourne, representing a wider cross-section of the community. With initial capital investment promised by one of the erstwhile members, Nupur wishes to generate revenue base to fulfil its three-fold objectives as follows:

In April 1990, on the occasion of the tri-centenary celebrations of Calcutta, India, Nupur presented its first concert, co-sponsored with Shilpi of Calcutta. Joyoti Das, a Calcutta-born Melburnian, performed her debut solo Odissi dance recital under the personal guidance of Odissi Guru Late Mrs. Sanjukta Panigrahi. Since then Nupur has organised concerts in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and yearly concerts in Melbourne. Talented local artists from Melbourne, namely Joyoti Das, Sharon Templeman, Vasuki Rajharatnam, Aparna Subramaniam, Ushantini Pathmanatham, Sumita Dutta and interstate artists such as Sushmita Chanda (Sydney) and Ajita Vijayan (Perth) were promoted on these occassions.

Fund raising concerts were presented in aid of Royal Children Hospital, Melbourne, and Hindu Society of Victoria. Nupur's sponsorship was instrumental in establishing Kalamandir - school of Indian dances in Melbourne by resident artiste and teacher Joyoti, with patronage of Guru Sanjukta Panigrahi of India and other teachers in Australia. A number of concerts were organised abroad in Canada and New York in the following years. A detailed listing of past concerts can be found here.

Nupur will be pleased to be associated with any person or organisation to serve mutual worthwhile objectives. Nupur also solicits sponsors and patrons in its future venture at any place in Australia and overseas in mutually agreed arrangements.