Latest Concert

Odissi by Joyoti
Venue: Upper Yarra Arts Centre

Date: Saturday 10th April, 2010
Time: 8pm start

    Full - $24
    Concession - $20

Odissi Workshop
Venue: Upper Yarra Arts Centre

Date: Friday 9th April, 2010
Time: 12pm-4pm

    Cost - $30

The School
Students Odissi Bharat-Natyam

Classical and folk dances

Students willing to learn basics from an early age in true traditional style, young adults interested in appreciation of novel dance forms through learning experience are welcome.

"Joyoti didi is a sincere and generous teacher with a true desire to pass on the teachings of her Guru in its pristine purity. I am fortunate to have found a teacher like her here in Melbourne" - a student

The humble dance school where Joyoti shares the knowledge and wisdom that dance has given to her life. The school has a number of young and enthusiastic students who light up Joyoti's teaching days with their passion and dedication.

If you wish to pursue the way of dance with Joyoti - please contact her.

Kalamandir, established in 1992, is affiliated to FIAV - Federation of Indian Associations of Victoria, as a member association, to help develop and contribute to the cross cultural appreciation in multicultural Australia. Kalamandir is also affiliated with Multicultural Arts Victoria.

Delegates to the Federation are :